Service and Warranty

Technical training plan

In order to enable users have a comprehensive understanding the products and the daily use, maintenance and management, we will provide comprehensive, systematic training for the client-side technology or operator.

Through the training, let users have a comprehensive understanding about the system, including the design of the system, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and strive to make the user use it according to our training and system construction documentation can be independent management, operation, maintenance the whole system.


Training Objectives

Let the student according to our training and system construction documentation can be independent management, operation, maintenance, maintenance to the whole system.

To implement regular routine troubleshooting; Cooperate with the << User operation manual >>"and the document material and products of issuing special kit, can remove in time temporary fault.


Service and Warranty

Each productwill be strict inspection, ensure product quality before package, the products to a minimum of fault rate, but we still need to build a perfect troubleshooting system, and to safeguard the interest of the customer.

Warranty period

Warranty period is 2years for 4D motion chair, other equipment is 1year Guarantee. We are responsible for warranty if any quality problem in warranty period.In guaranteeperiod, we will be in "to the user service to owner, responsible, make the customer satisfied" serious attitude, effective system, and measures do guarantee, high quality, and rapid maintenance service safeguard the interest of the customer.

Regular visit

The company will use with according to customer feedback and organize regular visit for a return to the user group, the company engineering, quality inspection branch, Engineering department and project manager attended.

In return, the owner of any of the proposed quality problem and opinions, the company will be modestly listens to, treat and make record return visit to customer problem solved carefully and seasonable organization guarantee.

Guarantee Measures

After delivery, the company will sign a contract with the user about the warranty of product, and establish the warranty service file.

During warranty period, the company will provide engineering maintenance team keep warm ,thoughtful, and timely service.

The warranty group will be in touch with the customer at the first time,effectively notice with the customer communication problems, for general  problems, maintenance team will solve by telephone.Internet clients in the channel such as the operation personnel remove breakdown, in one working days can complete solve problem. For unable to remove the severe faults problem, warranty work team will arrive within 24 hours to solve the problem,the warranty work will be finished in 48 hours.

Repair service

Each product is beyond warranty period, we still provide repair service, only charge the basic cost . While users can still get free maintenance technician team of regular service instruction, remote technical assistance and other services.


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