Middle detail solution of 4d/5d motion cinema


Middle motion cinema is built in school laboratory、park、shopping mall、business street、Amusement park、small venue etc.

In the early1980s, 4d movies have been in the United States from Disney World, environmental effects match with dynamic seat, make the audience to experience absolutely shock and stimulate the yarn. The famous spider-man, the leap in California, projects, such as T2, are widely used in the form of 4d movie, using 3d screen and site layout imaging, and keep the virtual scene and imaging of consistent and continuous the perspective, greatly improving the picture of the realism and view interest.

In recent years, with 3d software technology is widely used in the production of 3d film, promote the 5d technology maturity, along with the influence of 4d movie gradually increased to 5d cinema has gradually from large science and technology venues and theme park into second-tier city and third-tier city , the amusement park, the film cinema even shopping mall, street.

SHUQEE’S Advantages:

The 5d motion chair can be customized by special model, to greatly show theme park 、Amusement park scene etc.

Inside and outside cinema can be made special design and scene, such as forests, oceans, volcanoes and imaging the design, make the audience into real movie scene.

Environment  effect can be custom, let them suit imaging theme. Greatly enhance the movie of the realism.

To minimize the user operating costs: intelligent total control system, cinema show, management, maintenance just a staff can complete; Per seat independent control, no audience on the effects of the seat will be closed.

Cinema configuration with effect of experience, practical, rate of return and so on various factors design, to select the most practical combination collocation, to get more optimized cost performance.


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