Detail solution of repeatedly disassemble 4D/5D cinema

As 5d cinema is new sprouted things, that is rapidly enter into the large, medium and small cities, however the different characteristics of the city, such as humanistic factors ,regional environment, may the 5d cinema business is different . How to let users get long-term economic returns, the great value of the use of the equipment, and to promote we  research and develop one set of for many times the disassembling SHUQEE 5d motion cinema system.

At the same time, 5d cinema's unique expressive force, make 5d technology not only to film the projected demand, the more used in popular science, enterprise image, product promotion, and promotional activities, exhibition, etc. Involved in education, real estate, exhibition, culture and other fields. These requirements bring about 5d motion cinema can be dismountable, to meet the users in the different conditions, the different purpose.

We supply 3 times free disassembly service in 3 years for the whole system of 4D motion cinema, original accessories keep 5 years guarantee, lifelong technical guidance and maintenance service for free.

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