The philosophy of  SHUQEE—Manufacture the best 4D motion cinema!

We guarantee high quality in the cinema vision, hearing and feeling, make full analysis for 4D cinema configuration of the performance and price, to select the most practical combination collocation; We not only went to the existing front film and television technology, but also portent the future movie technology development, emphasis on product compatibility and scalability, to guarantee the 4D cinema in the future movie in the development of the technology will not be eliminated; We will do our best to consider every details in the design , such as environmental protection, safety, energy saving, cinema management the operability, equipment maintenance and movie theaters to the overall layout and so on.

To the best of SHUQEE technology’s ability with reasonable cost performance and excellent design of 4D dynamic cinema ,to inject new momentum for the film industry, and bring the new view of feeling to audience.

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