5D Motion chair

Motion chair in control system is classified as below:

Pneumatic control system motion chair、Hydraulic control system motion chair、Electromotive control system motion chair etc.

Motion chair in characteristics is classified as below:

3DOF motion chair、6DOF platform motion chair etc.

Motion chair in combination is classified:

1person/set、2persons/set,3persons/set,4persons/set etc.


The Main movements and special effect of motion chair as belows :

Waterspray to face: It can a few water spray to face, simulate sneeze、the pipe broke and so on.

Spray air to face:Compressed air directly to the audience’s face, simulate the explosion impact、the bullet flying etc. The Jet effect is sprayed by air nozzle in very chair, spray to head or neck.

Movement:Up and down, left and right, tumbling action front and back, simulation pitch, roll, lift movement, used for simulation of the film left, to the right of the tumbling run, flight, etc, forward suspended, fall, up to see, rise etc.

Vibration: Built-in seat cushion inside, the function can push up and down, realize the vibration of 12 Hz, make the audience feel the up and down "vibration" feeling;

Leg tickle: Each small elastic air hose under the seat suspension, when film has rats, snakes, insects and animal, hose will pat the audience calf place, can simulate the animals to drill leg of the audience.

Push Back:The back of the seat with the new equipment, the effect can push forward, realize 5 Hz the vibration frequency, make the audience feel on the back of the suddenly "vibration", have intense "Push Back" and "Electric shock" feeling.


SHUQEE’s  Advantages

The Key point technology of 4D motion chair:Movement part of motion chair, the key point is movie content and action should be consistency ,synchronicity, consistency, high simulation.

SHUQEE 4D motion chair is developed and designed based on these two basic features, the action and special effect with movie content is high consistency and coordinate, to achieve sky-high simulation, let audience be in real feeling.


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